NSDP stands for the National Sustainable Development Plan also known as the “Peoples Plan”. The plan is founded on culture, traditional knowledge and Christian principles, and builds on Vanuatu’s development journey since independence. In brief, the NSDP has three (3) main pillars with each having its own respective goals, policy objectives, indicators and targets. These pillars are Environment, Society and Economy. The indicators and targets that accompany the NSDP will help Vanuatu monitor and measure progress of development within the nation’s environment, society and economy.

File Language
National Sustainable Development Plan English
Vanuatu 2030: Le Plan Du Peuple French
NSDP M&E Framework English
National Planning Framework English
Cadre de la Planification Nationale French
Vanuatu 2030 Strategie de Communication French
Vanuatu 2030 Communication Strategy English
Annual Development Report 2017 English/French
Politique de Suivi et D'évaluation French
Monitoring & Evaluation Policy English
SDG16 Vanuatu Report English