For more information on how you can use the Right To Information Act to request information from a government agency download the the brochures below: 

How To Use The RTI Act  Download
Olsem Wanem Blong Yusum RTI Akt  Download


The Right To Information Act requires all government agencies to establish proper records management practices  emails, instant messages, presentations, reports, spreadsheets, texts, voicemails, and much more. Download the Records Management Brochure for information:

Records & Information Management  Download


The Right To Information Unit was established in 2017, the brochures below contain information about who we are and we do:

Right To Information Unit  Download


The Right To Information Act states that all government agencies are required to publish information to the public domain voluntarily, the brochure below contains more information about the types of information that all government agencies are obligated to publish:

Proactive Publication   Download