Records & Information Management


Records management ensures successful achievement of the Peoples Plan Social pillar 6 to create strong and effective institutions and guarantee the public's right to information.

Citizen's access to reliable information is a core component of the National Sustainable Development Plan and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). Benefits of Records Management include more effective management of your current records (both paper and electronic); a reduce/eliminated level of record-keeping redundancies; reduced costs for records storage equipment and supplies; and increased usable office space through the elimination of unnecessary file storage.


Code of Practice


The Code of Practice for Records & Information Management was released in 2019 to fulfill the function of the Right to Information Unit as set out in section 69 of the Right to Information Act No. 13 of 2016, with consultation from the Archivist of the National Archives, the National Records and Information Management Development Committee 

In addition, records management provides institutional accountability and timely access to information. The Code is a supplement to the provisions in the Right to Information Act and its adoption will help government agencies and relevant private entities comply with their dues under the Right to Information Act. Therefore, all government agencies and relevant private entities are strongly encouraged to pay heed to the guidance in the Code. 

Government agencies and relevant private entities should note that if they fail to comply with the Code, they may also fail to comply with the Right to Information Act. Government agencies can take the first step to identify the gaps within their records management systems by completing the Records Management Assessment Formthe form is designed to gather the required data we need to provide better advice and assist you to comply to records management standards set out in the Right To Information Act


Resources about Records & Information Management are available for download below;

Title  Type Language
Code of Practice: Records & Information Management PDF English
Records & Information Management Plan PDF English
Records & Information Management Procedures PDF English