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Welcome to the Right To Information Unit


The Right To Information Unit, or in short RTI Unit to provide secretariat support to the Right to Information Steering Committee (RTISC), the RTISC provides the direction on the implementation of RTI in Vanuatu as well provide advice to the Government to ensure that any legislation is consistent with the intentions of the RTI Act and including matters. You can read more of what we do in the About Us section.

Our website contains educational materials that we developed for Government Officers and the general public to raise public awareness about their right to access of information from public offices, their right of access is guaranteed by the Right To Information Act. However, not all information can be accessed if they are identified as being in the Exemptions category by the RTI Act.

If you cannot find what your are looking for here, do not hesitate to contact us.

RTI Progress in Vanuatu

A brief info-chart of the progress of right to information in Vanuatu since 2013.

The Right To Information Policy was launch in August 2013 by the then Prime Minister Moana Carcasses kalosil. The National RTI Policy 2013 signaled the Government of Vanuatu’s continuing commitment to the recognition of access to information as a human right, and as a cornerstone of fundamental democratic principles of good governance.

The Right To Information Bill was unanimously passed by the Parliament of Vanuatu after numerous consultations throughout Vanuatu with the support of organisations like Transparency Vanuatu and the Media Association of Vanuatu.

The established Right To Information Unit was transferred to the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSPPAC) under the Ministry of the Prime Minister.

The Right To Information Act came into effect thereby giving the public the legal right to access records held by the government agencies.

The first RTI requests were made (3 in total).The following year the number of RTI requests increased to 24.

The first RTI Officer positions were established within the Ministry of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.