Disclosure of Information


Subject to subsection 2(4), a Government agency or a relevant private entity must publish and disseminate an initial statement of its organization in each official language.

For more information on the initial statement of organization please go to Section 6 - Disclosure of Information.

The duty to public information about the operations of a government agency is the responsibility of agency concerned. Government agency includes:

  • the State;
  • the Government;
  • a Constitutional entity;
  • any other Government agency that is prescribed by the Minister under subsection 2(4) of the RTI Act.


Proactive Publication Guide


The Right To Information Unit produced the Proactive Publication Guide in pursuant to Section 71 of the Right To Information. This guide has been developed to assist government agencies, relevant private entities and private entities to develop internal policies and practices in relation to the proactive release of official information, including responses to requests for information under the Right To Information Act No 13 of 2016.   

File Type
Proactive Publication Guide PDF