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To provide open, accountable and participatory government for all the people of Vanuatu.

Make An Information Request

What is an RTI Request?

The Right to Information Act No. of 2016 (RTI Act) gives you the right to request access to records held by government authorities.

All public authorities are required to follow a statutory process with respect to a response to your request and the timeframes under the law in assessing your application.

What details should I provide?

Applications for information do not need to be made on a particular form but may be made on this application form if preferred. In accordance with the Right to Information Act No. of 2016, (RTI Regulations) an application shall include the following:

  1. A name
  2. A postal address, fax number or email address to which information may be sent
  3. A The form of access required in accordance with section 28
  4. The language in which the information granted is to be supplied
  5. An indication of whether the application is being made on behalf of a person and the submission of proof of the capacity in which the applicant is making the application, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Right to Information Officer
  6. An indication of whether the applicant believes that the information is necessary to safeguard the life or liberty of himself or herself or any other person, and the basis for that belief.

Can I request my personal information?

Under the RTI Law a person may request their own information. 

A separate application is required under the RTI regulations for amendment or annotation of a personal record. 

If a person makes an application for their own personal information they must produce identification or information that proves you are the parents or guardian to allow the public authority to release this information. 

What type of information can I request?

You can ask for records that are held by a Government of Vanuatu Public Authority. 
Under the RTI Act a "record" includes:

  1. A record in writing, a document, manuscript, file
  2. A film (including microfilm), negative, microfiche, facsimile copy of a document
  3. A map, plan, graph, or drawing, a photograph
  4. A disc, tape, sound track or other device in which sounds or other data are embodied, whether electronically or otherwise, so as to be capable (with or without the aid of some other equipment) or being reproduced
  5. An email, memo, opinion, advice, press releases, circular, order, logbook, contract, report, samples and models

Learn more about how you can make an information request;

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Learn more about the Right To Information Act;

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Access to information in Vanuatu is easy and cheap.
You can just call, text, message any government agency to get the information you want.
Being well informed gives you the freedom to make decisions that will have an impact.
People trust a government that is open, transparent and accountable.
Anyone can request information, and you can request information from anywhere.
Fight Corruption
Right to information is a weapon against corruption.



The Right To Information Unit was established in 2015 under the Office of the Government's Chief Information Officer, the Unit was then transferred to the Department of Strategic Planning, Policy & Aid Coordination in 2016.

Currently, there are three officers that are serving in the RTI Unit, click HERE to learn more about these officers.

Make An Information Request

To make an information to any government agency please follow the instructions below;.

STEP 1: Download and fill in the request forms in the language of your choice from the links below;

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STEP 2: CLICK HERE to identify the contact information of the government agency that you are requesting information from.

STEP 3: Send your request information to the government agency.  

STEP 4: CLICK HERE to learn how your request is being processed and when you will expect to receive a response from the agency.

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