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The newly established National Records and Information Management Development Committee (NRIMDC), a component of the Right To Information strategy, is convening its induction meeting at the National Library conference room today 5th April 2017.

Members of the NRIMDC are Mr Augustine Tevimule (Acting Chief-Archivist), Vice-Chair— Harold Obed (RTI Unit Manager), Margaret Terry (Chief Librarian), Linda Bakokoto (Public Solicitor’s Office), Ambong Thompson (NFPSA), Miltus Fomani (Police-VANSEC), Selina Naviti (Civil Status Department), Glen Talae (Public Solicitor’s Office), June Naviti (RTI Unit), Monique Kalfau (Public Service Commission), and-Pauline Rii (Lands Records).

The 11-member committee was appointed by the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas at the end of last month under the chairmanship of the acting chief archivist, with a task to formulate the government’s records and information policy and procedures.

The policy and procedures developed by the NRIMDC will be used as a guide for all government offices, statutory bodies and private entities covered under the Right to Information Act to properly manage public records and other types of documentary materials accumulated by government agencies and officials.

The guide is intended to assist senior government officials, program managers, records officers, and information resource managers in creating and maintaining accurate and complete records of their respective agency’s functions and activities and in ensuring the authorized, timely, and appropriate disposition of documentary materials that are no longer needed. Particular attention will be given to policies and procedures governing records of enduring value that are intended for transfer to the National Archives.

The NRIMDC chair, Mr Augustine Tevimule says he is pleased to be heading this important committee comprising members with the experience and technical knowhow on records management. He added that the guide, once completed, will facilitate an easier access for citizens wishing to obtain information in public offices under the Right to Information Act.

The Records and Information Policy is expected to be completed by September this year.


Access to information in Vanuatu is easy and cheap.
You can just call, text, message any government agency to get the information you want.
Being well informed gives you the freedom to make decisions that will have an impact.
People trust a government that is open, transparent and accountable.
Anyone can request information, and you can request information from anywhere.
Fight Corruption
Right to information is a weapon against corruption.



The Right To Information Unit was established in 2015 under the Office of the Government's Chief Information Officer, the Unit was then transferred to the Department of Strategic Planning, Policy & Aid Coordination in 2016.

Currently, there are three officers that are serving in the RTI Unit, click HERE to learn more about these officers.

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